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Who's Who

Welcome to our staff team 2017/2018!




Miss S Wrigley Headteacher
Mrs O O'Brien Deputy Headteacher
Miss A O'Callaghan Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion Manager/Nursery Teacher




Mrs N Dugdale                                       Nursery Teacher         
Miss A Harrison Reception Teacher (EYFS Phase Leader)        
Miss R Steele Reception Teacher
Miss B Colfar Year 1 Teacher
Miss J Mohan Year 1/2 Teacher
Mrs F Ellis                      Year 2 Teacher
Miss T Melia (KS1 Phase Leader) 
Mrs S Iliff Year 3 Teacher
Mrs C Court Year 3/4 Teacher
Mrs J Phillips Year 3/4 Teacher (LKS2 Phase Leader)
Mr D Cunningham Year 5 Teacher
Miss H Evans Year 5/6 Teacher
Mrs C Schoon Year 5/6 Teacher (UKS2 Phase Leader)
Mrs McMullan Music Teacher/PPA Cover
Miss M Rule                           PPA Cover




Mrs R Telfer-Clarke Learning Mentor      
Mrs L Rotherham Parent Mentor
Mrs P Gange Nursery Nurse
Mrs J Howden Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Daniels Teaching Assistant 
Mrs T Gilbert Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Smyth Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Dickenson Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Hearity Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Millington  Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Kinsella Teaching Assistant
Miss J McDonald Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Gornell  Teaching Assistant
Miss D McDowell Teaching Assistant
Miss E Bennett 1:1 Support
Mrs L Guy 1:1 Support
Mrs S Smith                             1:1 Support 
Mrs S Armstrong 1:1 Support 
Miss C Lott 1:1 Support




Mrs B Barrigan  Business Manager      
Mrs B Healey Admin
Mrs C Ash  Admin/Clerk to Governors




Mr P McKenna

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