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MISSION ASSEMBLY 1/2/19~ I was so proud of Washington as they read their lines for their assembly today. Mission accomplished!

BETH TWEDDLE and the FA CUP-22/1/19

The children had double treat today. First of all Olympic Gymnast Beth Tweddle spoke to the children about her life story as a gymnast.  How she had to train 30 hours a week, whilst she was still at school to get to the top of British Gymnastics. They were most impressed as they watched video clips of Beth at the Commonwealth and Olympics Games  doing her floor, vault, beam and bar routines. As well as her winning routine for 'Dancing on Ice'.

Then the children had the opportunity to learn about the history of the FA Cup and have a class photo with it.  


The children are having fun developing new skills and learning how to play badminton.


The assembly stressed the importance of making sure that you use your brain to its maximum potential. Being brave to try new experiences, challenging yourself, overcoming your fears, coming out of your comfort zone and encouraging resilience- try, try and try again.