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Maths Intervention:

We currently have the following Maths intervention programs in place

  • 1st Class @ Number (KS1 and Lower KS2)
  • Success @ Arithmetic (Upper KS2)

These programs are delivered by trained teaching assistants to small groups of children, and they help they children to catch up with their peers and get back on track. They help the children to think and talk about their mathematics, and the lessons are adapted to meet the children's needs, based on information gained from structured assessments. 


Mathletics is an online website which we use in school to support and enhance pupils learning. It covers all aspects of the curriculum and is an exciting way to learn. The children have their own log in information, and they can work at their own level and compete challenges with children from all over the world. They can get instant feedback and support which has had a positive impact on their learning. The children can also win rewards and certificates which are awarded in assembly each week and this motivates the children to continue their learning.