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St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Together with Jesus, we Love, Learn and Believe


Welcome to our Nursery page! 


Our class teacher is Miss Anderson. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Dunning and our nursery nurse is Mrs Gange.


Your child's day at nursery: 

Each morning I come into nursery and begin ‘choosing’. I can choose what I would like to play with and I get busy learning straight away! When all my friends have arrived we listen out for the tambourine, when that sounds I know it is time to tidy the carpet for carpet time. Once the carpet is tidy we all make a circle and sit down together. We say ‘Good Morning’ and sing our good morning and days of the week songs. Miss Anderson then chooses a special helper to change our calendar. Each carpet time we learn something new! We have a new topic each half term. So far this year we learned all about us, people who help us, Halloween and Christmas. After carpet time I do an activity with the teacher. Following that I eat my snack with my friends. I am learning how to prepare my own snack and clean my plate when I am finished. Then I can choose to play in the nursery, messy room or outside in the playground. I love playing with my friends and teachers! When I hear ‘Show me 10 fingers’ I have to stop and show the teacher 10 fingers in the air, then we start to tidy up together. Once the Nursery is tidy, I sit with my friends to sing nursery rhymes and Miss Anderson reads us a story. When the story is finished I listen excitedly to hear who is the star of the day! Finally, we sing our goodbye prayer and I say bye to my friends. What a fun and busy time I have had!